With Headquarters in Rome, Afinna One S.r.l. is an Italian operator that provides international voice communications. Due to its numerous connections established with key partners in key areas, the firm has become a leader in international wholesale services, generating large revenue through its business.

Afiinna One S.r.l, with the aim of expanding its range of services, is proud to announce a partnership with M800, a company with headquarters in Hong Kong that leads the market with tailor-made products and solutions.

Together we are developing a platform for services IOT, OTT e AI to become a global provider for communications. We are innovative, reliable and always ready to help the customer. So… stay tuned!


The point of this partnership is to launch a type of tender, the “contest”, which, under the following conditions, gives one the chance to be evaluated by a panel at Afinna One S.r.l and M800 Ltd. A successful evaluation will lead to collaborating on a business project in the field of IoT, O.T.T. and A.I.

The following form is NOT aimed at pitching one’s business idea, but to inform AFINNA ONE and M800 of your area of interest.

For example, in the area of IoT, the interested party may want to advance, in collaboration with our firm, new solutions and practices in ideas of design, development, protection, use and value creation, due to the revolutionary IoT e I4.0 platforms, with the aim of producing a new system of industrial automation.

WHO we are looking for:

• Aspiring entrepreneurs

• Small businesses or small and medium sized enterprises enlisted no more than 60 months in the commercial registry (from the first date of application)

• Second degree university spin-off companies, enlisted no more than 60 months in the commercial registry (from the first date of application)

• Spin-out companies followed also by large scale enterprises enlisted no more than 60 months in the commercial registry (from the first date of application)

• Start-ups;

• Software developers for websites and apps Android and IOS.

Selection Process

You have until the 30th of October 2018 to present your application by filling in the registration form on our website: www.afinnaone.it. You will have a chance to register yourself at the Maker Faire event at one of our stands on the 12th, 13th and 14th October 2018.

After receiving your application, a team of experts will make a preliminary evaluation and, if successful, you will be summoned by the 15th of January 2019.

The result of the contest will be announced online on the 30th of January 2019.
We will award five projects/ideas with cheques totalling 30.000€. Participants may develop the following partnerships:

    1. General Partnership

The general partnership consists of two or more companies working on a business project. The manner and degree in which the companies are involved in the project will be determined moving forward, as will rights, responsibilities and duties.

    2. Limited Partnership

The limited partnership consists of a minor contribution from a partner, according to the interests of the same member. It is expected that the partner will have less rights compared to the General Partnership.