Wholesale Voice

High quality Routing and Voice Termination services

SMS platform

Messaging with both Long Numbers/DIDs and short codes for SMS campaigns.

Satellite Antennas

Production, Installation, Integration and services of Satellite systems since 2007

IoT and Digital Solutions

Development and Integration of ad-hoc solutions to Support the Digital Trasformation of your business

About Us

Founded in 2010, Afinna One has rapidly expanded to become one of the most reliable partners in the Global Telecom Market thanks to well grounded worldwide interconnections and user oriented approach. As the world needs to be increasingly connected, our mission is to be a 360° Communication Service Provider with a portfolio of innovative solutions that include, on top of our core business, IoT, ISP, SMS and Digital Platforms. Our International team of professionals share values that make Afinna One a reliable partner in terms of quality, cost efficiency, flexibility and security.


Afinna ONE’s commitment to quality and broad vision has lead the Company to gain quick recognition as a reliable and profitable partner, reaching - and maintaining over the years - its position within the TOP 100 excellences in Europe.

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Afinna One in the News

After only 5 years from its foundation Afinna ONE had an amaing growth of 1700% in 2015.

Storia di una delle aziende cresciute di più in Italia nel 2015. Afinna One racconta la propria strategia per conquistare i mercati, con una metafora singolare

The English newspaper Financial Times has published an analysis with the best companies in Europe for absolute growth. Many Italian Companies, among which Afinna ONE!

Nata nel 2010 da un’intuizione di Massimo Lucera, Afinna One è un arbitro del traffico telefonico internazionale con oltre 230 connessioni attive con i maggiori operatori del mondo e con un volume di traffico mensile di oltre 50 milioni di minuti. Che cosa fa di preciso?

Afinna ONE, partner of Club Porche Italia, has sponsored Francesco Fenici and his fantastic Porsche Cayman GT4 ClubSport during his first participation and 2° place in the MOTORSPORT event in Lugano!

Debutto super nell'automobilismo per il 29enne pilota romano, che al volante della Cayman GT4 ClubSport ha brillato con una pole position e due podi nelle gare della Porsche Sports Cup Suisse: “Esperienza iniziata nel migliore dei modi, l'obiettivo è confermarci nel round di Imola”

Our Partners

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