DiPaaS – Digital
Platform as a Service

Afinna One’s DiPaaS platform effectively embraces the ongoing digital transformation for businesses and is configured as the effective meeting point between the IaaS/SaaS approaches and the concept of digital transformation.

DiPaaS, an ecosystem platform, integrates and enables new business models powered by various digital services with specific and vertical business capabilities.

Additionally, DiPaaS is fully integrated with the UCaaS solution, providing a single dashboard to manage the virtual PBX and all portfolio services.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Through its components, our platform combines applications, processes and technologies that digitize processes and enable interactive and valuable data-driven ecosystems. All this is done by developing digital services, creating added value for users.

DiPaaS is an open ecosystem platform promoting innovation, enhancing existing capabilities and vertical platforms. In addition, it supports new business paradigms.

Digital Transformation in the Retail, Multi-utility, Banking and Automotive sectors
Digital transformation is a transversal process that is revolutionizing business models and approaches of many sectors

Open Banking

  • Account Information that allows our customers to access their current account balances via our proprietary application
  • The Payment Initiation service that allows our customers to authorise money transfer and make micro payments through one of our proprietary applications


  • Our solution focuses on resources and devices connected to with various protocols, collection of assorted tags and analytics application. Parallelly, it guarantees real time remote condition monitoring and other scenarios related to connected devices
  • Our hybrid cloud and edge computing solutions can be combined to create unique and customised solutions in a complete white label I-IoT solution

A platform for integration via APIs
The API management platform we are developing easily integrates our solutions and enables developers to carrry out repetitive and complex processes using little coding.

Open Innovation
We are also turning to external technological tools and expertise such as start-ups, universities, research centres, suppliers, inventors, programmers and consultants to ensure our project’s value.