National Services

National Services

Afinna One srl, leader for years in the international telecommunications market, in May 2020 achieved the authorisation, among the Italian telecom operators, for voice telephony, for installation of a national network by the Ministry of Economic Development. In addition, the AGCOM (Communications Regulatory Authority) issued ROC (Register of Communications Operators) therefore obtaining all the authorisations and numbers required for the provision of services.

Afinna One has bolstered its organisation by registering with the ITU.T of the International Telecommunication Union playing an active role in innovative processes in the telecommunications sector. It aims at acquiring a good level of updating, strengthening its reputation, remaining at the forefront of technology, entering new markets to expand its business and increase its network of contacts to achieve greater brand visibility.

National Services
Authorisations obtained


  • National individual voice telephony authorisation
  • Authorisation for installation of a national network
  • General authorisation for nomadic VOIP services (decade 5 of decision 11/06/CIR)
  • General authorisation for ISP services
  • Right to use ISPC and NSPC codes
  • Right to use OP_ID code
  • Right to use of numbers


Anti-Fraud Technical Committee

Afinna One is a member of the National Anti-Fraud Committee for telecommunications, with a view to carry out interoperable services with all national operators.


In order to manage services on its proprietary infrastructure, Afinna One is registered with RIPE and has its own IPv4 resources and AS numbers.



Afinna One srl provides a complete service with cutting-edge technical and commercial solutions to meet all customers’ needs. The services offered by Afinna One srl are the result of careful market research aimed at offering effective and high quality telecommunications services.
Afinna One’s latest generation technology for telephony management is cutting edge class 5, with the highest levels of quality and reliability.


  • Geographic numbers for all the main Italian cities, for incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Nomadic numbers in decade 5
  • Reverse charge call services (800)
  • Shared-cost services 84x
  • Premium rate services (VAS) 89x, 19x
  • National platform for number portability management
  • Platform for the management and monitoring of telephone traffic with anti-fraud systems
  • Complete customer care services
  • Dedicated solution for managing number hosting & code hosting for operators
  • Number Provisioning
  • Virtual switchboard: IP Centrex services. Basic – Standard – Premium
  • Business Trunk solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Dedicated IVR systems with tree structure for any type of service
  • Intelligent network platform
  • Customised routing services


Afinna One is present throughout Italy using its own infrastructure with direct interconnection with the Telecom Italia network on all gateway areas in IP technology.