International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2023 is one of the largest events in the telecommunications industry, bringing together leaders, innovators and experts from around the world.  As a leading player in telecommunications, AfinnaOne proudly participated in this prestigious event. With a focus on networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration, the ITW 2023 team provided us with a platform to showcase our achievements, forge new partnerships and explore emerging trends.

Participating in this Event with more than 6000 partners has offered us an opportunity for networking, allowing us to meet the main “decision makers” and influencers of the sector and potential customers. Through meaningful meetings we exchanged ideas, discussed the challenges of the industry, and explored ways to grow and innovate.

Our participation in ITW 2023, with a dedicated booth at the exhibition hall, allowed us to highlight our cutting-edge products and services, showing how our DiPaaS platform works.

Participation in the discussions allowed us to keep up with the latest technological advances, regulatory changes and market dynamics. This knowledge allows us to anticipate industry changes and adapt our strategies accordingly, ensuring we are at the forefront of innovation and continuing to meet the evolving needs of our customers.