COOL CLASSIC CARS: Discovering Cultural Heritage through Sustainable Tourism


Afinna One is the promoter of the COOL CLASSIC CARS project, an initiative funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program, focusing on adult education and training in the vintage vehicle sector. This strategic partnership project allows organizations, associations, and businesses from different European countries to collaborate in spreading best practices, improving professional skills, innovating educational methodologies, and promoting active citizenship, digital transformation, and environmental sustainability.

COOL CLASSIC CARS brings together three important socioeconomic trends:

Vintage vehicles: The fascinating world of classic cars and so-called youngtimers is widespread across Europe, with hundreds of vehicles over 25 years old still in circulation. This constitutes a heritage to be valued in terms of sustainability. Although vintage cars consume more fuel compared to modern ones, it is important to consider that the overall energy impact between the two types of vehicles becomes comparable when calculating the energy required for producing a new vehicle.

Sustainable tourism: The way we travel is changing, and it is becoming increasingly important to make ethical choices that take into account the environmental impact of our journeys. In this context, Cool Classic Cars promotes a form of sustainable tourism that utilizes vintage cars and favors lesser-known destinations, avoiding mass tourism.

Industrial cultural heritage: Within the framework of slow and off-the-beaten-path tourism, the Cool Classic Cars project will analyze a series of sites representing the history of society and industrialization, which have now been transformed into places of cultural interest as well as artistic and recreational hubs.

The core of COOL CLASSIC CARS lies in the possibility of creating tourist itineraries through the sustainable use of vintage cars and the enhancement of cultural heritage in a broader sense.

Through this project, we are committed to promoting sustainability, preserving cultural heritage, and developing responsible tourism. We aim to offer travelers the opportunity to discover unique places, immerse themselves in industrial history, and enjoy the travel experience aboard fascinating vintage vehicles.

COOL CLASSIC CARS is an opportunity to embrace innovation, culture, and sustainability, and to embark on an unforgettable travel experience, exploring Europe’s hidden treasures and the timeless beauty of classic cars.

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