At present, the telecommunications market in Italy, with 35 billion euros a year alone represents about 2% of GDP. To a constant decrease in consumer prices (44% less, in the last 15 years, thanks to the EU regulated liberalization process, which has affected our country since the end of the 90s, and which sees us aligned compared to the dynamics of the main European countries – Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain) corresponds to an ever greater demand for services from the market, with attention to technological innovation, new generation digital networks, the most innovative integrated services, that overall revenues remain unchanged, despite the gradual and consistent reduction in prices. In this scenario, at least two types of “actors” can be identified: companies present on the consumer business and retail market (internet resellers, fixed and mobile telephone operators, e-commerce sites, hardware and software distributors) and companies which, thanks to technology, know-how and presence on the international market, provide the former with the necessary resources (wholesale traffic managers, broadband infrastructure operators, housing and hosting companies, hardware manufacturers, software developers) to challenge competition and the market.

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